Our Vision


  • All that we possibly can by any and all means
  • All generations with the Gospel
  • Beyond the 4 walls of our local church


  • Facilitate spiritual growth/maturity with intent
  • Perfect the saints for the work of the ministry
  • Solidify the believers so that they are no longer immature children tossed to and fro by unsound doctrine


  • God-centered
  • Passionate
  • As a lifestyle


  • For any and all that God sends our way
    • For the needy
    • The hungry and thirsty
    • The prisoner
    • The stranger
    • The down and out
    • The up and out
    • For losers and winners


  • We are called not to be served, but to serve
  • We are humble-hearted servants, girded with the greatest ministry tool – a towel


  • Have a “Go Tell” and a “Come Hear” mentality
  • All believers are “missionaries” – we are called to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature