Our History

Imago Dei began in 2007 when Pastor Jim and Sara Crabb returned to the city they love and the place where God had used them to win many victories for the Kingdom.

Imago Dei began meeting in a “Collision Center” in the fall of 2007 – God has a sense of humor! The first meetings were times of healing, refreshing and a renewal of hope and vision for many. Over 140 people attended the initial meeting – people sat on chairs, the floor, on tables, on furniture and out in the yard. Imago Dei became the church with the “weird name.”

Imago Dei Christian Fellowship has quickly formed into a community of love, grace and hope. In the summer of 2008, a team of nearly 40 people journeyed to El Nino, Mexico and built a church and a two story house for a precious pastor. A month’s worth of work was accomplished by teenagers, young women and men, executives, housewives, truck drivers, etc. This heart for the lonely, poor and broken world defines the people and mission of Imago Dei.

Today, Imago Dei continues to push forward with its primary mission: to move people forward toward the Bible’s “predestined” goal for all – to be conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29).