Children's Ministry

ID Kidz

At Imago Dei we believe that by investing in children we are investing in the future of the church at large. We believe that children thrive when we mix fun with learning in the church setting. As Imago Dei continues to grow, it is our goal to continue expanding the excellence that already exists, and to create one of the finest children’s ministries anywhere. As a parent, you can go to Morning Worship knowing that we have done our best to provide a safe environment. We also provide a secure and convenient electronic check-in and dismissal system.

Elementary – 6 yrs to 11 yrs 

This class combines high energy activities with a well rounded Bible based teaching of God’s Word. At Imago Dei we seek for the truth in the Word of God. We combine games, costume characters, fun competitions, and songs that will capture kids’ attention along with teaching children what a blast it is to serve the Lord. We mix multi-media curriculum with our teaching, which captivates this age group of children. Even with the FUN, we always keep Jesus as the central point.

Preschool – 3 yrs – 5 yrs

Preschoolers are the curious ones. This age group is constantly “exploring” to learn new things. They want to touch and try everything. We at Imago Dei understand that this age group is able to learn and retain the Word of God if it is broken down into “bite-size” pieces . We do this by using illustrated Biblical teachings, puppets, games, and high energy songs. These classes are available during our Sunday morning and midweek services.

Nursery – 0 - 2 yrs

We believe that even at this age, we should begin teaching our children about God and His amazing attributes. We will introduce your babies to the love of God through care takers that will provide a safe and nurturing environment.

For more information on any area of Children’s Ministry, please email us.